Private Grocery Store Tour (1.5 hrs at Jimbos)    $150
This is a great extension to nutritional sessions.  Learn what to shop for, why and how to incorporate the most nutrient-rich foods into your diet by starting with the right food in your cart.

Nutrition/Wellness Evaluation (1.5 hrs)   $175





Take the first step to feeling better, living longer and creating a more joyful life.

This evaluation assesses the cause of current symptoms or physical problems and is broken down into three parts:

1. Nutritional Analysis: What you eat on a daily basis

2. Symptom Analysis: Past and present symptoms + how they affect you.

3. Lifestyle Analysis: Stress, exercise, work environment, home life

Assessing these three parts together provides a complete understanding of your specific issues, with time spent answering all of your questions. You will receive a detailed analysis including all findings and background information that provide the “why’s” behind those findings along with recommendations and how they relate to your current symptoms and goals. With your input, a plan is then laid out with concrete steps to help meet your goals for improved health and wellbeing. The process is individually designed to engage you in your own wellness journey in order to create realistic steps that ensure success.

4 Nutrition/Wellness Coaching Sessions  (1 hr each)

8 Nutrition/Wellness Coaching Sessions

12 Nutrition/Wellness Coaching Sessions

$  550

$  995


After an initial evaluation is complete, these four nutritional coaching sessions will enable you to implement, maintain and break through any limiting beliefs that may be creating barriers to reaching your goals.

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