Time For Us Package

Take time for each other and yourself throughout the year with this all-inclusive Time For Us package.  This package offers couples 12 months of completely customized spa and health services to support overall wellness both individually and as a couple.   Couples in every phase of life, whether just beginning life together or learning new ways to enjoy time together in the later years, will benefit from a joined commitment to well-being while also creating memorable moments.

Each package combines spa and health services based on both individual and joint desires.   From de-stressing massage (yes, we specialize in men's deep tissue massage too) to nutritional advice, all of the services of Place360 are available to you throughout the year.

Package Includes:

First Month (3.5 hours)

  • 1-hour integrated assessment with Clinical Director/Owner, Tracy Whynot:  This time is for identifying both your individual goals and well as your combined goals in order to set the course for your program.  We recognize that things change, so your 12 month program is completely flexible.
  • Introduction to Chinese Meridians:   This is both a sensual and fun experience.   While sipping champagne or one of our signature teas, you will learn about Chinese Meridians on the body.   Then enjoy the private steam room together where you can apply different colored clays which correlate to the body's meridians.   Rinse in the Swiss shower and get ready for an amazing massage...
  • 2-hour massage:  Drawing from both eastern and western techniques, your therapists will apply just the right amount of pressure and locate those areas where you need the most help.   Whether you need a deep tissue, Thai or combination of techniques, our experienced therapists have the touch for both men and women.

Each Following Month (2-hour treatment sessions by design)

  • Unwind in the relaxation lounge
  • Enjoy the private steam room and Swiss shower before or after your treaments
  • 30-minute session with your Life Coach:  This is time to get centered and focus on your wellness goals.
  • 1-hour individualized treatment:  Recognizing we all need time to care for ourselves so that we can be whole for our relationships, choose from massage, skin care, body treatments, Acupuncture, Homeopathy or Nutrition services to focus on what you need most.
  • Couples time together:  select from a range of offerings you can enjoy and learn from together, including:  Learning how to massage your partner; learn Nutrition and Healthy Living practices you can do at home; guided meditation on the beach; take a guided hike in Torrey Pines (suited to skill), learn how to care for your skin, learn common acupressure points for relieving common ailments such as heachache and stress; learn how to put together a homeopathy kit for your home to address common ailments such as colds, flu and bruises.

    So, you want to mix your time up differently?   Maybe more time together or more time for treatments?  No problem.  It is your time as you wish...

  • Complete your Time For Us Package with another 1-hour session with Clinical Director, Tracy Whynot to review and help guide your independent wellness program going forward.

Package Price/inclusions:

$4,800 per couple.

Includes all gratuities, complimentary access to private steam and Swiss shower, snacks and beverages and access to relaxation lounge.   

Excludes:  Homeopathic remedies and Chinese Herbal remedies.  If recommended, these are available for purchase.  





Couples: Time for Us Couples: Time for Us

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