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Autumn Allergy Season

By Dwayne Lee on 10/01/2014  

Traditional Chinese Medicine defines a healthy body as one that is in harmony with it's environment. This idea has many connotations, which include the rhythms of seasonal climate, dietary habits, work schedules and family life. Many common ailments could be avoided if we were able to modify our routines to accommodate the ebb and flow of the changing environment around us everyday. 

             As Autumn approaches, we frequently see an influx of skin irritation and allergy flare ups in the clinic. For those particularly sensitive to these seasonal changes you may experience bowel irregularity, circulatory dysfunction or frequent bouts of cold and flu. The good news is that there are safe and effective ways to treat these symptoms and better yet, avoid more serious symptoms later in the year.

             As San DIego residents, you may be familiar with the Santa Ana winds that grace our lovely city every Fall. Unless you are a surfer waiting for these easterly winds to groom our waves, this dramatic seasonal change can illicit a lot of discomfort. The warm dryness of the air robs us of our precious moisture needed in our skin and lungs, which can bring about sinus inflammation, asthma and dry skin. The skin and lungs are a very important part our first line of defense against airborne pathogens. With our defenses down, we may be more susceptible to invasion of cold and flu. 

            Staying hydrated during these dry weeks is crucial but did you know that pears are a great seasonal food to consume? Pears have a particularly good moistening effect on our skin and lungs. Chrysanthemum flower and Goji berries are two common herbs that we use to treat eye irritation, itchy skin and dry cough during this time. Paired with the right formulation of herbs, we can have dramatic reduction in discomfort. 

             For those of us under unusual stress physically or mentally, we may have exacerbations of chronic conditions like asthma, irritable bowel or eczema and psoriasis. Honey is a great sweetener to add to your diet during this season. Its moistening effects will help lubricate the intestines and soften hard dry skin lesions. Find local honey if you can to utilize its natural allergy eliminating properties. In the clinic, we frequently prescribe Lily bulb and Perilla Seed/Leaf to stop cough and asthma. We also have a great combination of rhubarb root to regulate constipation (Gentle Lax).

             Additionally, pay closer attention to the amount of coffee and alcohol you are consuming, these beverages have powerful diuretic functions that can cause us to become dehydrated very rapidly. To be even more proactive, seek your acupuncturist about treatment to reduce your sinus congestion, stop itching or use moxibustion to enhance your immune function. For more info, click the link below or make an appointment to speak with any of our available practitioners at Place 360.

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