Sport Performance & Injury

This package is designed for the distinctive needs or symptoms of athletes. Whether you are seeking a higher level of performance or to heal from an injury, your personal PLACE360 treatment team will evaluate your needs by addressing musculoskeletal issues, constitutional imbalances, muscle pain and/or spasm, circulation issues and tense or injured tissues. The team will then create a treatment regimen specifically for you. This package combines spinal alignment with acupuncture and massage designed for the athlete and is especially effective for tendon and ligament sprains as well as chronic injuries.

The first session will include an initial consultation with a primary practitioner who will guide the formulation of your custom program. Modalities include Acupuncture, Chiropractic and Deep Tissue Therapeutic Massage.

Package may include customer Herbal Remedies for an addition fee.

Kindly call for more information and pricing.

Sport Performance & Injury Sport Performance & Injury

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