Golfer's Series

Whether you are trying to improve your game by increasing your flexibility and range of motion or you have incurred an injury, Acupuncture and massage in combination may be your answer to a better game or addressing your injury so you can get back out on the course. 

Golf Injuries

Depending on an initial assessment of the type and severity of the injury, a course of treatment will be developed specifically for each person.    Many injuries are treatable with a combination of Acupuncture, Therapeutic Massage and rest for time to heal.   Prescribed length, frequency and type of treatment varies accordingly.

Many injuries can be addressed within a series of 5-8 treatments which are modified specific to each individual.   See below for an example and indication of price for series.

Improving Golfer Performance

Age, repetition of common motion, stress and tension, desk jobs, introduction of new sports activities or exercise and many other issues can inhibit flexibility and range of motion which directly impacts a golfer's game.   Tightening and loss of flexibility can also lead to injuries, so it is important to address body stresses before this happens.  Acupuncture, especially when combined with targeted massage technique can be used proactively to increase or maintain a golfer’s flexibility with a direct impact on power and the overall the game.   See below for series packages and tips on improving your game with the Golfer Series One & Two Packages or try AcuPoint Therapy just before a game to improve balance, focus and drive.  Individualized packages are available and often recommended with initial consultation. 

AcuPoint Therapy (30 minutes)     $25

(Requires pre-game application up to 24 hours in advance)

For better balance. Stay on plane and over the ball for better impact position and better accuracy. There are 2 sets of acupuncture points on the hands and feet that can create better balance and muscle sequencing. These points can be stimulated with magnetic pellets or tiny painless "tacks" that will adhere to your skin for an entire round and provide added stability and control. For an even more in depth treatment, book a full assessment appointment to identify your weak spots and rebalance your swing with acupoints specific to your posture.

Golfer Series One

  • 5 series of acupuncture (includes initial evaluation and treatment)
  • 2 60-minute massages

            price:  $520

Golfer Series Two

  • 8 series of acupuncture (includes initial evaluation and treatment)
  • 4 60-minute massages

            price:  $860

Dwayne Lee L.Ac: Specialist in golf related injuries & golf performance enhancement

Dwayne Lee L.Ac. is an avid golfer and understands the golfer’s need for flexibility in order to gain range of motion and rotation which translates to power.  

In addition to treating common injuries such as wrist and back strains and rotator cuff injuries which prevent or inhibit golfing, Dwayne Lee also helps golfers proactively improve their flexibility for greater range of motion.  More about Dwayne Lee

Dwayne's 6 tips for golfers:



1. Flexibility: Most all golf related injuries can be avoided by keeping muscle and connective tissue warm and pliable. Crucial are low back, hips, shoulders and upper torso. Take a fifteen minute pre round stretch to avoid having to take weeks off the course due to back strain.


2. Strengthening core/ abdominal and the big upper leg muscles will prevent undue stress on the back and arms. Keep the center tight and the centrifugal force of your swing will be safer and more powerful.


3. Avoid tendonitis.  Don't oversqueeze. Keeping the hands and forearms soft until ball impact will reduce strain on the joints of your elbows and wrists. Let your muscles do the work to avoid the dreaded tennis or golfer's elbow.


4. Not enough time to stretch? Are you running to the tee box? Then schedule an appointment with a trained massage specialist a day or two before your round to keep tight muscles loose and address problem areas before they complicate into bigger problems. This maybe especially important on those golf trips or even in tournaments when your body starts to tighten up after several rounds. Almost all golf resorts offer spa services for men and women and varying body types.  


5. Balance is key. There are sets of acupuncture points on the hands and feet that can create better balance and muscle sequencing. These points can be stimulated with magnetic pellets or tiny tacks that will adhere to your skin for an entire round, helping you stay on plane and over the ball or better accuracy and better impact.  Ask Dwayne for more information.


6.  Acupuncture is also great to keep connective tissue pliable and healthy as well as reduce inflammation of joints from repetitive overuse. Super fine needles are non-painful and are strategically placed to release spasmed stubborn muscles. Acupuncture is also proven to be especially helpful for joint problem areas in the wrists, ankles, knees, elbows, back or neck.



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